Untitled (Landscape)

Untitled (Landscape), video, 2 minutes 30 seconds, 2008
Untitled (Countdown), video, 1 minute 40 seconds, 2008

Untitled (Landscape) and Untitled (Countdown) come from a larger body of work entitled ‘Spinning in my Mother’s Garden: a search for subjectivity‘. This research looked into the possibility of female subjectivity in a society based in patriarchy. Navigating feminist thought through equality, difference and androgyny and considering the theories of Irigaray, Derrida, Kristeva and others.

Other works from Spinning in my Mother’s Garden: a search for subjectivity include Untitled, Untitled (Shuffle), Untitled (Drawing), Untitled (Performance),Untitled (Drawing Performance), Untitled (Headstand), Untitled (Bulb), Untitled (Rainbow),Untitled (APPLAUSE), Untitled (APPLAUSE #2), Untitled (LAUGH), Untitled (Cross Stitch)


Is This Enough?, Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2009
Spinning in my mothers Garden, MFA Graduation Show, Massey University, Wellington, NZ, 2010
Satisfaction Frustration, MEANWHILE, Wellington, NZ, 2017