I AM Erased

Sample of the video work I AM Erased

From a child I assumed that I would have children one day. This long felt belief has become part of who I am, part of my identity. As an infertility survivor I know I wont have children, but I still can’t believe it. I find myself in an identity crises, or have I opened up a window to self-definition? Female subjectivity?

I AM Erased, video, 4 min, 2013

A woman’s hand writes I AM or i am and then using an eraser removes the writing leaving a faint trace of what was once there. This is repeated in differing writing styles and sizes, each time erased.

I AM Erased is questioning identity by using pencil, a non-permanent medium, and then erasing it. Repeating the process to emphasise the uncertainty. Leaving the markings of the uncertainty (or identity) to become a permanent scar/imprint on the paper. Has the uncertainty become the identity?

Sample of the video work I AM Unpicked

I AM unpicked, video, 44 min, 30 se, 2013

I AM unpicked starts with a white blank piece of fabric held in a woman’s hands. The hands cross stitch the words I AM across the fabric and then unpick the embroidery.

The viewer is held in suspense while the hands embroider and reveal the text. Then after such patients the work is unpicked only to be created again when the video is looped. This work escalates the uncertainty of identity to an effort to remove it completely.

Other works from this time I AM

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